A stunning private villa in Santorini!

An accommodation shelter for your holidays in Santorini!

Have you ever thought of what heaven on earth could look and feel like? Hanging on a secluded spot on the eastern side of Santorini island, embraced by the Aegean Sea and kissed by the bright Greek sun the Heaven on Earth Private Villa is a new luxurious, exclusive villa created for those who are looking for a unique holiday experience in Santorini.

The Heaven on Earth Private Villa is ideal for families and friends who are after accommodation that exceeds their dreams and expectations. Live the authentic summer experience in a private villa that feels like it was made just for you. From your indoor and outdoor hot tubs to the beach, and from the comfortable and charming indoors to the summer chic outdoor premises, the Heaven on Earth Private Villa is exactly what the name suggests. And it is found in Santorini, the heavenly island of the Cyclades!